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VIsit Focus Brain Functioning:


Who should choose this:

  1. Anyone with a family history of cardiovascular disease
  2. Anyone with a personal history of cardiovascular disease
  3. Anyone over the age of 45 should have this test at least every five years


VERY IMPORTANT : What tests should be done in preparation: 

1. Request a systems survey from the staff at Vital Energy Nutrition

2. Via email,, ask Dr. Santa Ana if you should have  either a NutraEval Test from Genova Labs or Micronutrient Test from Spectracell LAB

3. Order from this website the above-mentioned tests as per Dr. Santa Ana. (Under Lab Test Products)

5. You must schedule with staff to do the Brain Gauge test (an additional fee of $20.00 for concierge patients and $50.00 for non-concierge patients)


TIme for visit:

Your Visit Focus will be 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This visit focus may take 2-3 sessions, not necessarily sequentially.


What your visit consists of :


  1. History/consultation
  2. Review of any blood work/testing
  3. Reasoning behind NutraEval or Micronutrient is to evaluate potential oxidative stress, as well as intracellular nutrient deficiency which hinders optimal brain functioning.
  4. Reasoning behind in-office lab testing known as Oligoscan is to evaluate intracellular nutrient staus, intracellular heavy metal analysis, as well as oxidative and physiological funtioning status.
  5.  In-office Brain Gauge to estimate areas of brain underfunctioning
  6. AO Scan of brain and central nervous system with review
  7. Protocol and/or supportive recommendations, including stem cell activators, personalized use of CBD oils, and test result specifics botanically, homeopathically, and nutritionally.



2008 Office Visit Brain Functioning OV

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