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This is a two- visit session. 


This is a very interesting support visit. First, we scan multiple areas that can be problematic for the body. Some of these are heavy metals, vaccine residues, pesticides and chemicals, sulfa residues, and so on. Once the scanning is complete, two vials of homeopathic frequencies are made. Then, utilizing two different lasers, the homeopathic solutions are driven into the body. This requires two separate visits, at least two days apart And forgoing the use of all computer and electrical devices for 25 hours after the session. This techniques is based on W. Lee Cowden's protocols of Laser Energetic Detox.




Laser Energetic Detox developed by Wm Lee Cowden ,MD

Who should choose this:

  • Anyone with a personal history of toxicity exposure
  • Anyone with a personal history of difficult disease
  • Anyone who has been exposed to heavy metals, insect bites, pesticides, vaccines, chemicals, and so on.


VERY IMPORTANT: What tests should be done in preparation:

1. Request a systems survey from the staff at Vital Energy Nutrition

2. Via email, ask Dr. Santa Ana if you should have either a Cardio-Metabolic Test or a Lipo-Protein Plus Test from Spectracell Labs. AND

3. Via email,, ask Dr. Santa Ana if you should have either a NutraEval Test from Genova Labs or Micronutrient Test from Spectracell Laboratory.

4. Order from this website the above-mentioned tests as per Dr. Santa Ana. (Under Products lab Tests)


Time for visit:

  • Your Visit Focus will be 1 hour and 30 minutes. A second 20 minute visit is necessary and included in cost.
  • An Oligo-scan Lab Test can be performed in-office if you know your blood type.




  • Reasoning behind Nutra-Eval or Micronutrient is to evaluate potential oxidative stress, as well as intracellular nutrient deficiency which hinders optimal brain functioning.
  • Reasoning behind Lipoprotein Profile Plus is to evaluate underlying cardiovascular risk Factors.
  • Reasoning behind in-office lab testing known as Oligoscan is to evaluate intracellular nutrient staus, intracellular heavy metal analysis, as well as oxidative and physiological funtioning status.


What your visit consists of :


  • History/consultation
  • Review of any blood work/testing
  • Protocol and/or supportive recommendations, including stem cell activators, personalized use of CBD oils, and test result specifics botanically, homeopathically, and nutritionally.



2003 Office Visit Laser Energetic Detox (LED) OV

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