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OligoScan Advanced Cellular Testing at clinicbe London

OligoScan Advanced Cellular Testing at clinicbe London

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Instant measurements of minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress and toxic metals.
Oligoscan can be used by all health specialists allowing for rapid and pain free analysis


Screening of physiological imbalances helps better health control and trace minerals overall wellbeing.


Excess and deficiency in minerals

Toxic Metals

A risk of toxic metals poisoning

Oxidative Stress

Responsible for aging and numerous other diseases


This is a quantitative analytical method of measuring the absorption or the optical density of a chemical.

It is based on the principle of absorption, transmission or reflection of light by the chemical compounds over a certain wavelength range.

Spectrophotometry is used in many areas : chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environment, food, biology, medical / clinical, industrial and others.

In the medical field, spectrophotometry is used to examine blood or tissue.

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The Oligoscan is a reliable and scientifically proven tool..

A set of tests and comparative studies have been made by researchers highlighting a correlation between the results of the Oligoscan and those performed in the laboratory.

  •  Patient's physiological data is entered

  •  Patient dermis is scanned by spectrometry

  •  Oligoscan application processes and analyses data

  •  Data is sent and stored on a secure server, allowing for further monitoring

  •  Results are available on your computer / tablet

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