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DiGest Forte contains Gentian, Ginger, Tangerine (Chen Pi) (fruit peel and cold pressed essential oil), Wormwood and Feverfew. This combination contains many compounds including secoiridoid bitter glycosides (including gentiopicrin and amarogentin), pungent principles (including gingerols), sesquiterpene lactones (including absinthin and parthenolide), flavonoids and monoterpenes. This formulation and the compounds within it are used traditionally to:

  1. stimulate gastric juice output and appetite
  2. support healthy digestion and intestinal function
  3. promote healthy gastrointestinal tone
  4. cleanse the liver
  5. increase bile flow as a cholagogue
  6. promote normal response to environmental stresses*

Suggested Use: 1 tablet 3 times daily, or as directed.

519 MediHerb Digest Forte 40 T $ 30.50

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