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Spagyric and/or homeopathic preparations of:

Agaricus muscarius 6X
Allium sativum 6X
Aristolochia clematis 12X
Cedron 6X
Hydrastis canadensis 12X
Okoubaka aubrevillei  6X
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria 4X

Cleansing the matrix and body fluids of microbial toxins.

Shift terrain to one less friendly towards mycotic infections. 

¼ to ½ teaspoon taken 2 or 3 times per day.

Duration of Use:
Post-infection cleanup can usually be accomplished within about 2 weeks.

Creating major shifts in the terrain in order to more effectively treat mycotic infections takes much longer, and for this purpose Mucan will always be combined with other remedies.

Combines Well With:
Other drainage and regulation medicines to cleanse the matrix.

Typical remedies used in fungal infections include: 
SyGest or SyRegule
Intermittent use of Aspergillus combined with 
Subtilis or Mycobactin S, and
Quentans or Roqueforti.

Generally Not Combined With:
Usually Apo-Infekt and Mucan are not used together.

BioResource (Pekana) Mucan 50 ml.

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