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Spagyric and/or homeopathic preparations of:

Allium cepa2X
Arctium lappa3X
Bellis perennis4X
Glechoma hederacea6X
Hedera helix 4X
Juglans regia 6X
Sempervivum tactorum12X

Radiation exposure.

Accumulation of biologically incompatible frequencies in the connective tissue matrix.

It is common for this remedy to require a loading dose of ¼ teaspoon taken twice daily for about 1 week, then decrease dose to 5 drops 2 times per day to maintain effect.

Duration of Use:
Generally used in protocols for 2 to 4 weeks duration.

Combines well with:
Viscum and Dalektro N

Generally Not Combined With:
Renelix or Psy-Stabil.  If indicated, these remedies can be alternated with Radinex.



BioResource (Pekana) Radinex 100 ml. $ 40.00

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