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Maintain normal respiratory and bronchial function through supporting healthy leukotriene metabolism.
  • Healthy sinus and bronchial function
  • Respiratory EZ now contains even more synergistic respiratory-supportive herbs. Rosmarinic Acid, Holy Basil and Quercetin were added to boost healthy bronchial function.

    • Rosmarinic Acid supports a healthy immune response and modulates NF-kB. It helps maintain neutrophil and eosinophil activity.
    • Quercetin has potent antioxidant activity to support immune function and balance mast cell histamine release. This bioflavonoid is best absorbed in its natural form.
    • Holy basil leaves contain ursolic acid which has an expectorant action.
    • Lobelia maintains healthy bronchial functioning and also supports healthy leukotriene metabolism, which subsequently protects healthy sinus function.
    • Hyssop is high in resins and volatile oils that can further assist in promoting healthy sinus function.

134 RF Respiratory EZ 60 VC

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