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Blood Sugar/Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes/Hypoglycemia


Who Should Do This Module :

  1. Anyone with a family history of blood sugar dysregulation (diabetes especially)
  2. Anyone who has Systems Survey and/or OligoScan indications of sugar dysregulation
  3. Anyone once every five years as a Pro-Active visit
  4. Concierge patients call to schedule. All others, schedule online.


Tests Needed before Visit :

  1. Oligoscan
  2. Systems Survey (ask staff to send)
  3. Food diary (ask staff)
  4. Basic Labwork ( email Dr. Santa Ana and ask about fasting glucose and fasting insulin test)
  5. Cardiometabolic Profile by Spectracell Lab (purchase on this website under products, Lab Test



 During Visit: 

  1. Consultation
  2. Systems Survey review
  3. Heart Rate Variability Test
  4. AO Scan of vital organs and specifically Pancreas
  5. Zyto Electro-dermal scan 


How many Visits: 1-3 visits



Support Mechanism:


Results will be reviewed with patient.

Supportive nutritional, homeopathic, botanical , specialty , and lifestyle recommendations.

4007 Office Visit Blood Sugar Regulation OV

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