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This visit Focus will be one of several . It will include a basic program to support your body while undergoing treatment for cancer. The first visit is ONe hour and 45 minutes.

Future visits will focus on specialized testing to act adjunctivally , as well as determination of special supportive treatments.


Basic Pre-visit Testing:


1) Ask the staff to send you a systems survey. Please complete and return at least three business days before your visit.

2) Oligoscan should be conducted during your visit or prior to your visit. This will allow a look at intracellular minerals, heavy metals, as well as oxidative stress levels, and physiological functioning. (Note this is an actual lab test with separate fees. It is advised to do this ahead of your appointment. The test costs $80.00 and 30 minute interpretation is $79.00)

3) NutraEva by Genova Lab or Micronutrient Test by SpectraCell Lab.

4) Any type of testing to determine fatty acids. 



2005 Office Visit Cancer Nutritional Support OV

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